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A city illuminated


A city illuminated


Xi, Trump agree to hold talks at G20 meet

Chinese President Xi Jinping and US President Donald Trump spoke over the phone yesterday on matters of bilateral trade and the Korean Peninsula issue.

Fight between passenger, driver leads to bus crash in Chongqing that killed at least 13

A violent fight between a passenger and the driver caused the bus to plunge into the Yangtze River in Chongqing, killing at least 13, local authorities said on Friday.

World Bank praises Shanghai's business reforms, opening-up

"The business environment can always be better," Shanghai Development and Reform Commission said.

Former airport authority chairman detained for bribery, hiding off-shore assets

Wu Jianrong, the former deputy Party secretary and chairman of the Shanghai Airport Authority, has been detained for taking bribes and hiding assets

Paper bowls to cut waste

More than 700,000 eco-friendly paper bowls that meet the city's first standard on the packaging of take-away food will be used during the China International Import Expo.

Icebreaker sets off on Antarctic expedition

THE ice breaker Xuelong will depart Shanghai today for China's 35th Antarctic expedition.?

Parks have plenty on in autumn

City parks are hosting a variety of activities ranging from chrysanthemum shows to tangerine picking this autumn.?

Dispensers are now in good voice

Passengers taking Metro at the three railway stations and two airports were able to buy tickets with a new voice recognition function on ticket dispensers from November 1.?

CIIE media center to open on Sunday, over 4,000 journalists to cover the event

The journalists come from 630 media in 75 countries and regions.

Google workers walk out in global protest over harassment

Thousands of Google employees joined a coordinated worldwide walkout Thursday to protest the US tech giant's handling of sexual harassment.

Rescue worker's father dies in bus plunge

Tragic news at scene of fatal accident when sister calls deputy chief of the rescue operation to say their father had been on board.

Expo volunteers briefed on exit-entry rules

Volunteers working at hotels in Hongkou District which will serve foreign visitors to the upcoming import expo are being instructed on passports and visas.

High-orbit BeiDou-3 satellite boosts China's global navigation system

China's home-grown global satellite navigation system came a step closer to completion with the launch of another BeiDou-3 satellite from the Xichang Satellite Launch Center.

New home sales in retreat, but prices gain

The area of new residential properties sold fell 23.1 percent from September but the average cost of a new home jumped 17.3 percent.

Pudong's firsts celebrated in 'dreamers' video

A new promotion video of the Pudong New Area made its global debut on Thursday as to celebrate the 28th anniversary of Pudong's economic reform.

Brolly brisk for the expo

Exhibitors and visitors to the country's first Import Expo are advised to take umbrellas as it will be wet next week.

Smuggling of fuel oil ends in jail

A SHIP's captain who tried to smuggle 650 tons of fuel oil into China and evade taxes of up to 1.78 million yuan (US$256,277) has been sentenced to 5 years behind bars.

Bare land blooming lovely now

More than 10 plots of idle reserve land in Shanghai have been turned into seas of flowers.

Campus security boosted with student volunteers

A team of volunteer students was set up in Shanghai yesterday to promote security at local universities.